What My Brothers Love Doing…
Chiropractic Torrance CA Brother Jordan
Chiropractic Torrance CA Brother Jonathan

Two monumental events happened this week.

1.) My brother Jonathan Taylor just completed his internship at the district attorney's office of Orange County.

2.) My brother Jordan Taylor just had his EIGHTH birthday!

You can see two pictures of them above!

Here Jonathan stands with former attorney general William Barr…

After my brother completed his internship last Wednesday he looked at me and said, "Wow, I can't believe I'm not working anymore... I really am going to MISS working!" (He will now be studying for the bar exam).

He flourished in his work and it became something he LOVED to do!

In the second picture, you can see Jordan in his baseball uniform- He is an INCREDIBLE athlete and highly competitive and passionate.

If he loses… Or has to come inside for dinner instead of playing for another hour after dark… He will get emotional and will miss playing!

These two young men remind me that we all have been blessed in life with activities to do and that it is a beautiful thing to enjoy them after our work is done.

My brother Jonathan also reminded me that our work in life is also a great blessing and that it is an opportunity to utilize our gifts and talents on a daily basis to serve others.

Both of them MISS their work and sports when they are not able to do them and it got me thinking…

Perhaps there is a job or hobby that you MISS because of an ache, pain, or stressor that is holding you back?

The first step is to:

1.) ASK- What is the root cause of this pain that is prohibiting me from doing what I love? What is the underlying stressor? How can I return back to the activity I love? Do I need assistance in doing so? We are here for you.

2.) PLAN- What specific game plan needs to be made in order for me to return back to that activity? It is crucial to have a game plan with specific steps of progress to follow in order to achieve results.

3.) START- Start the process of taking incremental steps to return back to activity, getting outside in the sunshine, staying hydrated, eating quality foods, getting regular body work and chiropractic care, exercising daily.

With time and consistency, you will make great progress!

These times to enjoy our work and activities may not always be there as well, so take this moment to reflect and focus on the three steps above.

Very excited for my family above and extremely excited for you as well!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Dr. Hudson Taylor

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