Happy Birthday Dr. Laura!
Happy Birthday Dr. Laura!

Today we celebrate the birthday of an incredible lady who has served faithfully as a doctor of chiropractic for over 30 years.

Did you know that Dr. Laura was also a singer for many years?

She has a beautiful voice and she has always been one to expand on her gifts and talents.

As a team, we are absolutely honored to work alongside of her.

Heather, Danni, Cassidy, Monica and myself absolutely love every minute of serving patients with her because of what a pleasant teammate she is.

She is also a woman of incredible tenacity and drive.

She always wants to learn more about how to best take care of her patients and has a genuine heart to serve the community to the best of her ability.

I can testify personally that she always takes care of me as well!

Weekly, she adjusts me and works her magic on my shoulders and back.

If you have not experienced a treatment with her YOU MUST!

Most importantly, Dr. Laura is a person who genuinely cares.

She has a true compassionate heart for all who she cares for.

Even outside of the office, she never loses thought of the people she cares for and this is also what makes Dr. Laura so special.

Loyal, loving, compassionate, extremely skilled, a genuine servant, and a woman of faith.

Dr. Laura we are so blessed to serve with you and to experience your amazing care!

We hope you have a wonderful day and weekend!

Thank you for all you have done for us!

Dr. Hudson Taylor

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