Two MVP’s Everyone in Palm Beach Gardens And Torrance Should Know


Chiropractic Palm Beach Gardens FL MVPs

This past Super Bowl made me pause and think for a bit in Palm Beach Gardens and Torrance...

What are some key marks of a Super Bowl's Most Valuable Player?

Three marks that came to mind:

1.) Proactivity: Always looking for ways to be of service... To improve their skill... To expound upon their God-given gifts, for the sake of their team.

2.) Discipline: Putting in consistent work every single day, for the sake of their team. Not skipping out, or taking the easy road.

3.) Love For The Greater Good: Heartfelt love for the game, heartfelt love for the team. Great love for the greater good of the team as a whole... To the point where one is willing to do whatever it takes, for the sake of the team. For a purpose greater than themselves...

Thinking about these marks of an MVP, and considering the fact that it was Valentine's Day yesterday, I could not help but think of a husband and wife that have been such REMARKABLE leaders of good health!

Chiropractic Palm Beach Gardens FL Craig and Antoinette

Craig and Antoinette have been incredible people to watch throughout the years as patients because they display these three marks tremendously well and set a phenomenal example of maintaining excellent health as the years go on...

They are always asking us for ways in which they can improve their health- Physically, chemically, mentally and spiritually...

Chiropractic Palm Beach Gardens FL Craig

They display remarkable proactivity in continually eating as healthy as possible.

They display remarkable discipline in coming weekly to benefit from chiropractic treatment and to incorporate daily practices of good health in their home, and outside of the office.

They continuously display a love for the greater good of their children, grandchildren, and community as whole! Always looking for ways to improve the health of their loved ones and all who they know!

You can see the beautiful picture of them above with their beautiful grandchildren!

They truly live out what it means to "Love your neighbor as yourself" (Mark 12:31) and because of their "team player" mindset, they have a tremendous impact upon so many people... For the greater good!

I couldn't be more honored and inspired to announce these Super Bowl MVP's of our amazing community...

May God bless you Craig and Antoinette, you both, your children, your grand children, and all you know...

Here's to a WONDERFUL week!

Dr. Hudson Taylor

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