The Taylor Method

Chiropractor Torrance CA The Taylor Method Pain Relief

The Taylor method is a proprietary method of determining what is the root cause of the patient’s problem, pain, or symptom. It is a comprehensive, holistic and natural approach to determine the cause of a problem  by asking the right questions, performing a physical examination, doing a postural analysis, evaluating range of motion, performing orthopedic and neurological tests, using muscle response testing and other diagnostic tests which may or may not include a computerized three-dimensional foot scan , computerized postural analysis , autonomic nervous system and cardiovascular system testing with FDA approved technology , body composition analysis, lab testing (metabolic panel) and x-rays.

The purpose of this testing is to discover what is the primary source and cause of the patient’s problem. Over the past 28 years, our Torrance chiropractors and Palm Beach Gardens chiropractors have invested in well over $100,000 in post graduate continuing education seminars to discover the root cause of pain and dysfunction. The common denominator for the cause of many patients’ ailments is STRESS!

When most people think of stress they think of emotional stress only, however, there are four primary types of stress that are preventing patients from experiencing optimal wellness and pain-free living.

Let’s talk about the four types of STRESS:


Physical stress is stress anywhere in the body that is more on the physical plane such as vertebral SUBLUXATIONS (misaligned vertebra in the spine), extra spinal subluxations (misaligned bones in the extremities), cranial subluxations and misalignments, and postural distortions and imbalances. This is where over 90% of the chiropractic profession focuses all their time and attention. The correction to alleviate physical stress from a straight chiropractic point of view is to reduce the subluxations by realigning the misaligned bone with an adjustment or manipulation. Having a skilled and trained chiropractic physician that realigns the bones in the body can have a tremendous impact on one’s health as neurological flow can be restored back to normal. Misaligned bones especially in the spine can cause nerve interference in the nervous system controls every cell, tissue, organ, and system of the body. However, if you want to take it a step further in reducing the physical stress to the body then you must address the ADHESIVE SCAR TISSUE that is embedded in these soft tissues of the body including muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia. ADHESIVE SCAR TISSUE occurs whenever there is trauma to the body. There are two types of traumas. Macro trauma and micro-trauma. Macro trauma is an obvious and blatant injury to the body such as a car accident, sports injury, major fall, or accident. This is what most people think of when they think of trauma to the body. However, there is another type of trauma that most people do not think about and that is microtrauma. Microtrauma occurs with daily repetitive small injuries or postural compromises that causes micro tears in the muscle fibers over a period of time. Sitting at a chair that is not ergonomically correct eight hours a day working on your computer is an example of this. Looking down on your cell phone and texting all day can create microtrauma and form scar tissue in the back of your neck and upper back.


Chemical stress is stress caused by the foods we are eating, the liquids we are drinking, the air we are breathing or some type of environmental toxin we are exposed to including molds, fungus, virus, bacteria, candida, pesticides, herbicides, and the list goes on. Many patients come into our office with ailments caused by inflammatory foods, food allergies, and food sensitivities that they may not even be aware of or acknowledge. If you’re eating a food that your body does not agree with and you continue to ingest it on a daily or regular basis, it’s almost impossible to get healthy as these offending foods will keep you in a state of inflammation, pain and a host of other symptoms including low energy, weight gain, brain fog and the list goes on. If you’re living or working in an environment where you are exposed to some sort of toxic element to your body, if your bodily systems cannot handle the load, it will keep you in a state of ‘dis-ease’ and it will greatly influence and impact your health. The sad part about chemical stress is that more than 70% of my patients have no idea that either their food or their environment is causing them to have health problems, yet they will continue to go to their doctors with no success in helping them to achieve their desired results.


Mental stress is stress caused by mental, emotional, and spiritual stress that not just affects the mind, but the entire mind-body connection. Your thoughts, emotions, and spiritual state can affect the performance of both your mind and body. Over 80% of health care visits are caused by mental/emotional stress yet how often are the stresses acknowledged and addressed by the practitioner taking care of the patient. These stressors are often glossed over or not even mentioned and the patient continues to suffer in silence over these issues that are sabotaging their health. Being able to identify the emotional or mental stressor, acknowledging it, and working through the issues can help unlock the hold that stressor has on the patient, alleviating the tension and problems caused by that stress.


EMF stress is stress caused by electromagnetic fields found in the environment through cell phones, Wi-Fi, electrical panels, ceiling fans, printers, 5G towers, and a host of other electronic devices, gadgets, computers, and modern technology that fills our homes and offices. This is another source of stress that most patients are not aware of nor acknowledge as being a problem yet there are over 10,000 studies demonstrating the negative effects of electromagnetic fields to the human body. EMFs have been known to cause pain, insomnia, brain fog, chronic fatigue, and even cancer. The World Health Organization has even coined a condition for patients that are sensitive to EMFs called electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome. The EMF problem has become exponentially more of a problem since 2020 and the installment of 5G towers throughout the United States and abroad.

These are the four types of stressors that are commonly associated with and causing health problems for patients on an ongoing basis. Through the Taylor method, we can discern what is the primary stressor that is causing the health breakdown through our history taking, examination procedures, muscle response testing, and technology-based diagnostic testing.

Sometimes, it’s one major stressor that is the culprit behind most of the health problem the patient presents with, other times, it is more than one stressor that is contributing to the patient ailment. The job of the practitioner is not just to discover what main stressors causing the problem, but to also figure out which stressor to address first.

For best results, you want to listen to the clues that the body gives to start addressing first and then start the process of eliminating the stressors one by one as if you’re peeling the layers of an onion to get to the core.