Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the answers our Torrance chiropractors and Palm Beach Gardens chiropractors frequently give to patients seeking to learn more about chiropractic care at their office over the last 30 years. Learning more about chiropractic and its benefits can help you find the best chiropractor for you. If you have a question you don't see answered below, reach out to your team at Taylor Chiropractic & Laser Center.

Why Do I Have This Pain?

The pain you are experiencing may be coming from several different factors. One of the primary factors that drive patients into our office is the HIDDEN ADHESIVE SCAR TISSUE. The pain you are suffering now may date back to an original cause many years ago such as a prior car accident, sports injury, fall, or some other trauma that you experienced but never had properly addressed at the time of injury.

The adhesive scar tissue often worsens over time due to compensation patterns your body adapts to over the years plus other influences such as nerve interference caused by subluxations, mental stress, inflammatory foods, or drugs, fallen arches in your feet, poor sleep, and EMF exposure.

Organs under stress such as the liver, gallbladder, heart, kidneys, intestines, etc. can be toxic due to dietary and environmental factors which can refer pain to different parts of the body.

What’s Different About Your Approach to Pain?

Many of our patients in essence have told us over the years, “When I tell others about you and what you do, I really don’t like to call you a chiropractor because what you do is much different than what I have ever experienced before. You really took the time to discover what was the exact cause of the pain and showed me things I never saw before with diagnostic equipment I have never had done on me and technology that was able to fix things that I have suffered with for years.”

I believe we often hear this because we take the time to discover where the adhesive scar tissue is located using The Taylor Method TM and then do our very best to get rid of it as quickly as we possibly can, so patients don’t have to needlessly suffer.

When Should I Seek Treatment for Pain?

The sooner you come in from the onset of pain, the faster results you will experience. Pain is simply your body telling you there is a problem that needs to be addressed. When the pain is not dealt with, the problem is not properly addressed.

Simple problems to solve become harder problems to solve because of all the compensation patterns that develop in your body over time. The sooner you address it. The simpler & sooner you can correct it. The later you address it. The more complex & longer it takes to get rid of it.

Can My Pain Actually Be from Multiple Sources?

The main driver of pain that we see in the office is Hidden Adhesive Scar Tissue in the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, fascia, ligaments, etc.) caused by an old injury or trauma that was never properly addressed. Adhesive Scar Tissue creates imbalances in the soft tissue, restricting the range of motion, causing subluxations/misalignments in the joints, contributing to nerve interference, impairing blood flow, and leading to compensation patterns in the body that are challenging to address.

Other factors that contribute to pain are:

  • Degenerative Joints
  • Postural Distortions
  • Inflammatory Foods in the Diet
  • Ergonomic Set up in Home or Office
  • Compromised Arches in the Feet
  • Wearing the Wrong Shoes
  • Sleep Issues/Wrong Mattress
  • Weight Gain
  • Mental/Emotional Stress
  • Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s)
  • and Performing Exercises that are not a fit for your Biomechanics

All of these can become contributing factors to your condition leading to chronic pain that can interrupt your family life, social life, and business life.

How Do Factors Like Stress and Diet Affect Pain?

It has been estimated that 75-90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related problems. When patients come into the office complaining of pain, one of the first things we do is look at the stress point in their lives. The primary stressor that we focus on is in the realm of Physical Stress mainly in the form of Hidden Adhesive Scar Tissue in the soft tissues which contribute to misaligned joints & subluxations causing nerve interference, pain, and dysfunction. However, along with Physical Stress, we also look at the other three types of stress that can lead to pain including the

  1. Chemical Stress
  2. Mental/Emotional Stress and
  3. Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Stress

Diet is important to address as certain foods people are eating cause inflammation throughout the body that leads to pain. We perform food testing at our office for those we suspect that their pain is coming from a dietary source.

What Help Can You Offer for Headaches and Migraine?

Almost 50% of the patients that come to our office for care suffer from some type of Headache and roughly 20% of them suffer from Migraine headaches. These headaches make it hard to concentrate and think clearly having a major impact on our patients' lives. The key to resolving headaches, including migraines, is to identify the cause and to find a way to resolve the issue.

Adhesive Scar Tissue in the neck and upper back combined with misaligned vertebrae in these areas can shut down blood and nerve flow to the head causing headaches.

In addition, we have found hormonal imbalances, eating the wrong foods, mental or emotional stress, and even Electromagnetic Field (EMF) stress to be triggers for patients’ headaches. Headaches are typically secondary to other underlying problems and once they are addressed, we have seen many of our patients finally enjoying headache-free lives once again, sometimes for the first time in years.

How Can You Help Me with Back Pain?

What makes back pain so debilitating is the fact that it attacks the core of your body, preventing you from doing just about anything. To reflect on the importance of your back to your body, you only need to think of the dictionary definition of “backbone,” which is “the most important part of something, providing support for everything else.”

Adhesive Scar Tissue is by far the most common hidden cause of back pain that we see in our practice. We use The Taylor Method to identify exactly where the Adhesive Scar Tissue is located (which can be anywhere in the body) and then work towards ‘Normalizing it’ as much as possible using cutting-edge technology.

We also look at your feet to see if they are potentially causing you to have back pain and work towards resolving that problem if we find one there.

How Can You Help Me with Knee Pain?

The knee is one of the largest and strongest joints in the body, yet it is also one of the most common sources of chronic pain. The knee is a complex mix of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, meniscus, fascia, and articular cartilage so it is easy to see why all effort can be applied to just treating the knee. However, for best results with the knee, it is mission-critical to address the influencing structures above and below the knee, including the hip, lower back, feet, and adhesive scar tissue in the surrounding muscle tissue.

Imbalances caused by Adhesive Scar Tissue cause knee pain by pulling on the complex structures of the knee, creating imbalances, poor blood supply, and nerve disruption. The knee is such a fascinating joint and one of the main sources of chronic pain in our office that we wrote a book recently on it, “Overcome Knee Pain!” to help people understand why they have their knee pain and what they can do to get rid of it.

What About Foot Pain?

Your feet are extremely important because they support the entire body, providing balance, and allowing you to walk and be independently mobile. Since the feet are the foundation of the spine and affect every joint above it, if you have a problem with your foot, it is almost inevitable that you will have problems in other areas of your body including your ankles, knees, hips, lower back, shoulders, neck, and even your TMJ. Everything in your body is connected and can influence other areas of the body for the better or for the worse.

Common foot problems we treat at our office are:

  • heel spurs
  • plantar fasciitis
  • toe pain
  • neuroma
  • arthritis
  • and tingling feet or neuropathy

The key to eliminating foot pain is to address the Adhesive Scar Tissue in the feet and lower legs, balancing out the arches of the feet and improving the function of the foot so your feet can perform once again as they did prior to your foot condition developing. The feet, like the knee, is such a common area we treat in our office that we wrote “The Healthy Feet Handbook.” to help others better understand why they have foot pain and what they can do to get rid of it.

What Should I Do If I Have Been in a Car Accident or Had a Sports Injury?

Whenever you experience a car accident, sports injury or some other type of physical trauma, micro-tears occur in the soft tissue. These ‘mini’ tears in the fascia, muscle, tendons, and ligaments trigger a cascade of blood flow to the area carrying fibroblasts to repair the damaged tissue.

Adhesive Scar Tissue starts to form to mend the torn pieces, connecting the damaged tissue. The good news is the damaged tissue is repaired and starts to mend. The bad news is the damaged tissue is shortened in the repair process, pulls on the surrounding tissue, creates compensation patterns, and eventually causes pain and dysfunction.

The sooner you can work on the Adhesive Scar Tissue after the accident or injury, the fewer problems you will have because the Adhesive Scar Tissue can be worked out so the fibers line up more in the same direction of the repaired tissue. This will make the Adhesive Scar Tissue more elongated and better formed so it does not create imbalances, compensation patterns, and eventually chronic pain and dysfunction. The earlier the intervention of working on scar tissue, the fewer problems & pain you will have.

What is Your Process for Helping Me Overcome Pain?

The first step is hearing you out during our Free Consultation, allowing you to ask us any questions you may have, and determining if we are a fit or not.

Assuming you are a fit, the next step would be a detailed history and comprehensive examination.

Once we have gathered all the information, we need concerning your case, we would give you a detailed report of our findings informing you of what is the problem, what we do to get rid of the problem, how long it would take to resolve your issue and what would be the investment to get the results you desire.

Will Treatment Hurt?

Every person and every situation is different. We can take a gentle or aggressive approach. This depends on your preferences and goals. A gentle approach is painless but usually requires more time. An aggressive approach is less comfortable but usually requires less time to get your desired results. Patients coming from long distances or different states go with deeper/more aggressive treatments but are sorer that night and the next day or two. Either way, you as the patient are always in control of your treatment preferences as we work together to help you get the results you want to achieve.

How Do I Know Your Treatment Is Working?

If your pain is coming directly from Adhesive Scar Tissue, once we identify and correct the problem using The Taylor Method, results are immediately felt 9 times out of 10 right there on the spot. Depending on the severity of the case, how long a patient has had the problem, how many other factors are contributing to the problem, and a host of other factors can have an influence on how fast a patient responds. Typically, results are immediate and quite noticeable.

Do You Really See Chronic Pain Eliminated?

Many patients with chronic pain will be told they need to go to the pain management clinic to decrease and manage the symptoms of pain. Typically, they will give an injection or some type of pharmaceutical to help reduce and control that symptom of pain. This is called pain management.

Chiropractic can even be used in this manner. Patients have pain, they go to the chiropractor to get an adjustment to relieve the pain, the pain subsides for a while and then they wait for the pain to return before they visit the chiropractor for another adjustment.

If this is your desire, we can accommodate your wishes and provide chiropractic care in this manner. However, if your desire is to eliminate chronic pain, this approach will not work, and you would be frustrated and unhappy with the results.

Chronic pain can be eliminated if the time is taken to discover the root cause. Chronic pain can be eliminated when you start to unpeel the layers of neglected hidden Adhesive Scar Tissue that has accumulated over the years. Chronic pain can be eliminated when you start to remove the hidden lifestyle stressors that keep the body in a state of chronic pain. It’s a combination of the doctor and patient equally working together to eliminate the stressors/causes that led the patient to chronic pain in the first place. Chronic pain elimination can be done but requires more time, attention, and resources to get the job done. However, every patient that has eliminated their pain would tell you that it was all worth it and would never want to go back to their old lifestyle of living in pain.

Can You Guarantee Results?

When a patient comes in, we perform a comprehensive examination to discover the cause of the problem, inform them of that problem, and lay out a game plan to reach the desired goals they have. Based on our exam findings, computerized test results, digital imaging, objective findings, and clinical experience we will give an estimation of how many visits it will take to help them become pain-free. 92% of the time, we help the patient achieve their objective and the results they desire are obtained.

However, some patients don’t completely reach their objective at that time for a variety of reasons including:

  • the problem is more complex than we estimated
  • the pain continues because of hidden lifestyle factors that have not been addressed
  • the patient continues to exacerbate the problem because of their job
  • sports they are playing
  • unresolved mental stressors
  • and other factors that are beyond our control

We can only make an estimation on how a patient will respond to care and therefore we don’t want to give someone false hope by guaranteeing results, however, we can guarantee that we will do our best to bring satisfying results to our patients and will go the extra mile to ensure they are happy with their care.

Will I Need to Make Lifestyle Changes to Stay Pain-free?

The more involved you are in the process of staying pain-free, the less you will need our services. The less you follow our recommendations, the greater likelihood of stress accumulating in the body and more tension and pain you will experience. Pain is simply your body telling you that there is an imbalance or problem that needs to be addressed. The more you work on reducing these problems, the more you will function at optimal wellness.

Upon our evaluation, we can pinpoint the different sources of lifestyle stress that are contributing to your pain and make recommendations such as incorporating certain exercises, tweaking your diet, and reducing your stress levels. Patients come in for pain relief, but then realize that if they work towards optimal wellness, they won’t have any pain.

When Should I See You vs. Going to My Primary Doctor?

If you feel like you are having a heart attack, have unusual pain, are experiencing anything out of the ordinary, atypical, or concerning please go to the ER or see your MD first to rule out anything that is potentially life-threatening. Otherwise, if you have a non-life-threatening pain or problem, and you would like to address it without the use of drugs or surgery, come see us.

We offer initial Free Consultations so if you just want to get a feel for our office, meet the staff, meet the doctor, ask as many questions as possible you would like before you commit to an examination, you can. If we feel you are better suited to see an MD, we will point you in that direction. Understand that when you enter our office ‘We’ve got your back!’ We will be looking out for you. We are going to steer you in the right direction as we have your best interest in mind.

What’s Different About Your Approach Compared to a Typical Chiropractor?

When someone comes into our office with a pain or health challenge, we really want to understand who they are, what brings them into our office, why they are coming to see us, and what are they hoping to achieve. We like to look at them from head to toe to get a deeper understanding of what may be causing their pain.

Our initial examination includes a detailed comprehensive history, vital signs, orthopedic & neurological exam, autonomic nervous system evaluation, arterial health evaluation, computerized postural evaluation, surface EMG of the spine to determine spastic muscle activity, computerized range of motion evaluation, computerized muscle strength evaluation, three-dimensional foot scan, grip strength, pinch grip strength, computerized body compositions analysis, and state of the art digital x-rays (if needed) to obtain the highest quality films with the least amount of radiation.

We then perform a Taylor Method evaluation to discover exactly where the hidden Adhesive Scar Tissue is located that is creating the imbalances in their body which is causing their pain. Once we determine the exact cause of pain, we inform the patient why they have the pain, where is the source coming from, what we need to do to fix it, how long will it take to fix it, and what the investment will be to meet their health goal.

  • If patient decides to follow through with our recommendations, we start our course of care
  • If patient decides to not use technology, their visit is shorter, less expensive, and probably more in line with what is experienced at a typical chiropractic office
  • If patient decides to utilize a more advanced course of treatment, we have an array of technology unique to the chiropractic and physical medicine industry that has been demonstrated by research to get excellent results

The technology we use in our office is known to either do an amazing job of breaking down scar tissue, reducing pain levels, or regenerating damaged tissue naturally without the use of PRP or stem cell injections. State of the art technology we currently use includes at this time:

  • Pressure Wave (Shockwave)
  • Class IV Laser Therapy
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)
  • Neuromed Technology
  • Winback Technology
  • Vibrasonic Therapy
  • Galileo Mechanotherapy
  • Robotic Class III & IV Laser Therapy
  • Rebuilder Therapy
  • Neurofeedback
  • Spinal Decompression
  • Robotic Chair Massage
  • & Knee Decompression

When patients are done with their comprehensive evaluation and Taylor Method treatment with technology, they often say they have never experienced anything like it before and have never experienced such immediate relief in a single visit.

Are There Some People You Can’t Help?

We are not able to help everyone that comes to our office for care. Some patients have neglected their health for so long that they would be better suited to be under the care of a medical doctor. These people we refer out right away and they appreciate it when we are upfront with them from the start. Other patients have serious medical conditions we discover upon our exam, and we send them to their MD for an evaluation. Other patients we won’t accept as a patient because we don’t feel they are going to be able to maximize the benefits of our care for various reasons (i.e.-not the right time, not committed to care, non-compliant, don’t feel it’s a right fit for our office) so we are upfront with them and won’t accept their case.

We have helped a lot of people in the past, but that does not mean we are a fit for everyone. We only accept those who will truly benefit from our care.

How Can I Get a FREE Initial Consultation?

Simply contact our office via phone, e-mail, or text (same # as phone) to set up a Free Consultation in person or over the phone. We will do our best to answer any questions you have about your condition and will seek to point you in the right direction to resolve the issue you are trying to solve.

You really have nothing to lose by picking up the phone and scheduling a time for us to talk. The worst thing that can happen is you invest some time talking with me, only to discover that your case may be beyond our help. The best thing that can happens is we help you get on the road to finally getting rid of the problem that motivated you to visit our website in the first place.

Does My Health Insurance Cover Your Services and Technology?

The type of services we provide along with the state-of-the-art technology we utilize are not presently covered by your health insurance.

However, we do accept Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or "No-Fault" car insurance which is mandated by the State of Florida for all drivers to carry.

We also accept Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) as a form of payment and provide financing via CareCredit or Scratchpay.

We used to accept health insurance in the past, but discovered over time that reimbursements became less and less while having to battle between treating the insurance company over the patient.

This led to our decision to choose the patient over the insurance company and focus on providing comprehensive, detailed and high quality care which are clients appreciated as they often tell us they don't like to call us a Chiropractor because we offer so much more.

We offer customized treatment plans based on what you want to accomplish along with your specific budgetary needs. We can sit down and answer any other questions you may have during your Free Consultation that you can book at 561-867-1020.