Three Secrets From ‘The Greatest Generation’
Chiropractic Palm Beach Gardens CA Greatest Generation

Yesterday marked the 78th anniversary of one of the largest military operations in history.

Operation Overlord also called "D-Day" occurred during the later stage of World War Two and was launched to eventually force the enemy in retreat in order to gain ultimately victory.

The attack was launched over the beaches of Normandy, France and a year later, the Nazis surrendered.

May we never forget the price that was paid for this great victory and the fact that it was carried out by young 16, 17, and 18 year old men!

Here are three secrets from this operation that you can apply so well to your health!

Looking to overcome your aches and pains?

1.) Have a clear objective.

The mission was carried out with a very specific objective in mind: To secure and capture the beaches. Once this was done all the supplies and troops could move in.

Ask yourself: What exactly do I want to return to doing?

Unable to play pickle-ball due to your knees hurting you? Make it your objective to return to the pickle-ball courts!

2.) Have an efficient system.

Know the exact steps to achieving your objective…

For example- Begin to eat the right foods. Hydrate every day. Release the adhesive scar tissue. Go for gentle walks along the shore… As the body heals you will begin to see the progress!

3.) Teamwork makes the dream work.

Invite a friend or family member into your journey! Invite an accountability partner!

Seek proper counsel and advice on how to make this victory possible from a trusted professional who will help you along the way.

Remember that with proper direction, extreme courage, and leadership under tremendous resistance….

Our troops overcame the obstacles TOGETHER and marched on to victory. May we never forget their courage and sacrifice.

May we never forget their great example and how we can apply this to our daily lives!

Have a GREAT week!

Dr. Hudson Taylor

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