Happy Father’s Day!
Chiropractic Torrance CA Family
Chiropractic Torrance CA Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day to all of the incredible dads who we have been so blessed to serve!

The father's role in the life of his family is so incredibly important.

I wanted to share something I have always admired about my dad (seen holding my baby sister and peaking behind the group).

My dad (Dr. Derek Taylor) has always been one of the most passionate, hard-working, energetic, and loving people I know.

He also has been known (by his family and patients) for getting straight to the point and being very direct!

I have always appreciated this about him because he has always helped set me in the:

1.) Proper perspective

With the…

2.) Right priorities

For example, many times when I was facing tough decisions, he would ask me:

"If you were to die next week… What would have been the right choice to make? What would you have regretted not doing?"

"Wow dad! Now that you put it that way! I should really do this…"

He has always been one to give me the right direction and guidance in all things.

This I am truly thankful for.

He has always been one who loves his wife and children.

He has always been a strong leader and provided food for us on the table every night.

He is the greatest doctor of chiropractic I know and has mentored me from the start.

He has always set the example of always give thanks and praise to God in every circumstance and living with gratitude and humility.

I couldn't be more honored to write this…

I also wish to honor all you father's out there…

Thank you for the absolute blessing you are to all of us.

I love you dad.

Happy Father's Day!

Dr. Hudson Taylor

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