It Happens In The Final Seconds
Chiropractor Torrance CA Dr. Hudson Taylor Thumbs Up

Remember that famous play with the trombone player during the golden days of college football? (See video HERE)

It was the BIG game back in 1982.

Cal was one score from victory with four seconds to go in the game.

Stanford kicked off, a squib kick- To prevent the momentum from a deep run.

One by one each player on Cal who picked up that football tossed the ball to each teammate before getting tackled for a total of five laterals!

The LAST player to receive the lateral was a man named Kevin Moen- Who caught the lateral and began to sprint for the endzone.

Assuming that the ball was dead and the game was over, the entire Stanford marching band ran on the field right as Kevin was rushing toward the end zone...


Straight into an unfortunate trombone player who took all the force of this incredible athlete before the game winning TOUCHDOWN!

The play was so iconic and widely regarded as one of the greatest college football plays of all time.

I remember watching this play on a college football documentary called "Rites of Autumn" with my dad and siblings.

Once I saw this play it never left my mind because it was just so unique.

EVERYONE thought the game was over! The band came out!

But just when the entire stadium thought all was finished, Kevin Moen sprang into the end zone for the game winning touchdown in the FINAL SECONDS!

Well THIS FAMOUS PLAYER came into Taylor Chiropractic and let me tell you it has been such an honor and pleasure to work with him! (See picture above!)

Not only was he an incredible college football athlete but he is a South Bay local legend, as well as an incredibly kind man with a beautiful family.

I greatly enjoy our conversations when he comes in.

Everyone who knows Kevin calls it a privilege to know him and we at the office certainly say the same!

I will personally never forget moments like these- Hearing stories from incredible people!

Each one of you have monumental stories in your life.

When it comes to your health, remember to never stop RUNNING THE RACE!

Even when the odds seem unbeatable and the intensity is high...

Utilize every second of recovery.

Make every advancement possible in your health, even if you feel you are about to give up...

Because those finals seconds could be a moment of tremendous victory and beak through for you.

Kevin Moen is a winner on the field and off the field!

Likewise, it has been a great joy to work with every single one of you.

Keep running the race toward your health goals of victory.

Have a GREAT rest of the week!