The Ultimate Mancave
Chiropractic Torrance CA The Ultimate Mancave Preview

Last night my wife asked me to pick up one of our kids from a friend's birthday party. When I rang the bell, I was anticipating picking up my kid and going, but the host of the party invited me in for a while.

They live on a large property, and it was fun to get an official tour of their abode.

I loved the open dining room, the custom-made coffee bar, but my favorite part of the tour was to see the dad's office.

It was adjacent to killer workout equipment like a rowing machine, a huge ice hockey table, & stocked with outdoor essentials like fishing rods, plus a chest of drawers loaded with tons of tackle and lures.

However, the BEST part of it all was that he had a personal built-in steam room connected to his workspace.

It was the ultimate mancave. I almost died when I saw it.

For almost 25 years, one of my favorite perks of having my practice at South End Tennis & Racquet Club, was the convenience of relaxing in the steam room either before or after work at least 5 x week.

Going in the steam room was like hitting the reset button no matter how mentally & physically challenging the day would be.

The whole family shared these sentiments as my wife & kids loved going to the club for their steam fix.

In fact, we loved it so much that we eventually installed a steam room in our home.

It was one of the best health investments we made as a family and kept us feeling our best for a variety of reasons.

Here are a few health benefits of steam baths, which have been around for thousands of years:

1) Improves circulation, increasing oxygenation to all tissues leaving the body feeling revitalized.

2) Reduces tension in muscles by shunting oxygen-rich blood to cells and flushing out lactic acid.

3) Boosts immunity as raised body temperature activates white blood cells to fight off viruses.

4) Enhances heart function as steam heat stimulates cardiac muscles without exhausting them.

5) Cleanses & hydrates the skin by opening clogged pores, purging dead skin & other impurities.

6) Strengthens respiration by reducing congestion in sinuses & lungs, clearing mucous membranes.

7) Natural Detoxification through hyperthermia sweating out toxins helping you to lose weight.

You don't need to own a steam room to receive these benefits.

You can simply close off your shower space while taking a long hot shower to generate steam and in as little as 7-15 minutes a day, three times a week, you can start experiencing some of the health benefits mentioned above.

Sometimes it's the little health practices done on a regular basis that can make the biggest difference.

Have a GREAT Saturday!

Dr. Derek 'Full Steam Ahead' Taylor

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