When the Brake System Went Out!
Chiropractic Torrance CA Brake System

Recently the brakes of my car were acting up a bit…

They seemed a bit "off."

The grip and traction wasn't quite right…

The alignment seemed a little strange…

I was beginning to feel unsafe…

So I took it to the first auto shop.

They checked it out… Told me the left brake bearing was busted...

Fixed the bearing of my left brake and told me everything would be fine…

The car felt SLIGHTLY BETTER… But a week later the PROBLEM CAME BACK!


Every time I started to step on the brakes even SLIGHTLY my car slammed to a halt!

The brakes were going out!

Fearing for my life, I immediately took it to a nearby alignment shop suggested by a GREAT patient!


He soon discovered that not only the left brake was bad but the ENTIRE BRAKE SYSTEM was shot!

Immediately I took it to the dealership (on the way over the power braking system was pretty much gone, I was mainly relying upon mechanical function) and they FIXED the ENTIRE SYSTEM!

The next day I picked up my car and started driving…


The brakes caught smoothly and firmly…

I no longer feared for my life!

I invested much more in the ENTIRE SYSTEM and it was so worth it! Because my life was saved in that moment!

It made me think about the body…

If you have a problem… For example knee pain…

Doing the bare minimum such as icing/heating or taking pain killers will only go so far…

The next step is to THOROUGHLY examine and diagnose the problem!

1.) How are the arches of my feet? Are they flat?

2.) How does my SPINE and HIPS feel? Are they restricted and stuck? Misaligned?

3.) How has my STRESS been overall? Am I wound up and tense?

4.) How has my diet been? Have I been eating healthy foods?

5.) How has my hydration been? Am I staying hydrated? Am I sleeping well enough?

Examining the WHOLE PICTURE is WORTH the extra time! Because once you discover the root causes of the problem and address the problem as a WHOLE…

This will ensure maximal results and will put you at ease knowing you did your best.

You will walk smoothly… With confidence.

Hope you have a GREAT week!

Stay tuned for the EXCITING EVENTS to come!

Dr. Hudson Taylor

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