Happy Birthday Mom!
Chiropractor Torrance CA Happy Birthday Mom

This past Saturday, September 24th, was my mother's birthday.

My family had a wonderful day with her going out and about… Enjoying wonderful meals together and enjoying the outdoors.

I was able to call her and send her flowers, you can see the picture above.

In celebration of my mother, I wanted to highlight three of the many incredible qualities about my mom... Qualities that may help you live a healthier life.

1.) My mom is one of the warmest people I know.

She'll be the first one to make you feel at ease and like family. She has a warm presence about her and works so hard to make sure you are comfortable and happy.

If you take on this attitude of warmth and wanting to ensure the comfort of others around you- You will be blessed in return.

2.) Mom is one of the most loving people I know.

Even for those who have wronged her or mistreated her… She does whatever she can to ensure a peaceful relationship. Always writing letters of love and encouragement to her friends and family. Always delivering gifts. Loving her children unconditionally.

I know this first hand having her as my mom. Be slow to anger and quick to forgive. You will reap the healing benefits of this practice.

3.) Mom pours her heart into everything she does.

Wether it is making a meal, teaching her children, taking them on a historical road trip up the east coast, or taking the time and energy to bless someone else with a jaw dropping gift or act of kindness, my mom goes ALL OUT!

Likewise, it is a good thing to pour your heart out into healthy practices and into whatever you do. All hard work brings profit.

Cannot express how thankful I am for someone such as my mom…

I could easily write a book (many books) filled with many more things I have learned and observed about my mom…

Put these three points into practice this week. You will benefit greatly.

Happy birthday mom, I love you.

Have a WONDERFUL week!

Dr. Hudson Taylor


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