Lessons from Hurricane Ian
Chiropractic Torrance CA Hurricane Ian

Over the past few days, the Taylors experienced their first national catastrophe with Hurricane Ian.

Living in Southern California all our lives, we had no idea how to prepare or plan for a Hurricane.

We're used to earthquakes in the middle of the night where you might wake-up, feel the earth move for a bit, then fall back to sleep.

This was a completely different experience.

First, when I heard a hurricane was approaching, I did not think too much about it. Most Floridians that I have conversed with have just factored in hurricane threats as the price you pay for living in a tropical paradise.

I've been told hurricanes can be headed towards an apparent location and then change directions at the last minute. Some areas are greatly affected. Other areas are relatively untouched.

What can you really do about something so out of your control?

This brings me to my second point, although where the hurricane would land was out of my control, being prepared regardless was not out of my control.

My wife told me that we did not have enough bottled water or canned goods to keep us alive if need be.

Conveniently, when I went to the store, the shelves were well stocked. I was fortunate this time.

Lastly, I have seen a few patients with increased headaches and joint pain and just being out of it with the effects of the barometric pressure changes along with the mental & emotional stress from Ian.

Personally, the increased attention to the potential disaster, the shutting down of everything, people staying home, the uncertainty of it all reminded me a little too much of 2020 when the talk of first entered the picture which brought about unpleasant memories affecting my state of mind.

The hurricane has passed and fortunately, we were relatively unscathed by its effects. However, there were others that went through the eye of the storm and not only lost their homes, businesses, & all their possessions, but some even ended up losing their lives.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the survivors who experienced such a tragedy.

I would like to leave you with a few thoughts about your health that may relate to what I just shared.

Just like I never gave much thought about hurricanes, some people I meet do the same with their health. They don't give it much thought until they are faced with a health crisis of some sort.

Secondly, although you may have no control over certain aspects of your health, you do have control over the choices you make & lifestyle disciplines you practice that keep you on the path to healthy living.

Finally, going through a crisis, whether it is a natural disaster like a hurricane, or some type of health issue is a reminder to not take life for granted as we don't know what the future holds.

However, we can make the most of today with what we have been given. Take time today to enjoy the little things in life (see picture above of sun & blue skies this morning from my backyard) and as long as we have breath to be thankful to be alive.

Dr. Derek Taylor, DC