Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Chiropractic Torrance CA Dr. Taylor Birthday
Chiropractic Torrance CA Dr. Taylor At Table

Today is my dad, Dr. Derek Taylor's, birthday!

If you have never met Dr. Derek Taylor, you must know he is the finest husband, father, and doctor I have known!

All that he has accomplished over the course of his life is absolutely stunning... Extremely inspiring.

But here is something I really want to share from the heart.

My dad is also one of the most encouraging people I know…

Here are three ways my dad has been an encouragement to all who know him…

1.) He has always been an encouragement PHYSICALLY.

You will never find my dad lounging inside on his phone all day long… He is ALWAYS out and about… Spending time at the beach with his family or meeting other people or being out in the warm sunshine. Always UP and moving! Taking care of his health and boosting his immune system naturally!

2.) He has always been an encouragement… MENTALLY.

My dad is the most tenacious person I know… always looking for the latest and greatest tool or technique to help his family and patients. My dad also is good at staying focused and committed until he achieves the desired result! He will never quit. He will never give up.

3.) He has always been an encouragement SPIRITUALLY.

You will always see my dad out in the early morning… Reading the Bible. Setting his mind on Scripture. Praying intensely for his family, for his patients, and trusting in the Lord. This, he would attribute as the secret to his success in all areas of life. He sets a godly example of living fearlessly no matter the circumstances.

Lastly, he is also one of the most loving people I know. He loves his wife dearly, he loves his family very deeply…

He is a man of true compassion.

The pictures above convey the warmth and love he shows to all who know him.

And I could go on and on… But I will end it here by saying that I am so incredibly grateful for him, and all he has done for me and for all my family.

I hope you all are encouraged today…

I hope you are able to encourage someone else today because you are so incredibly gifted... Share your gifts and bless others!

Encourage others around you today.

It is such an incredible time to be alive! You must believe this!

Happy birthday dad, love you!

Dr. Hudson Taylor

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