This Mistake Could Cost You More Then a Bottle of Lemonade
Chiropractor Torrance CA Bottle Of Lemonade In Freezer

Last night we had a little family celebration and my wife decided to splurge with a few bottles of sparkling lemonade.

The kids went hog wild on the bubbly citrus drink and all, but one bottle was slugged down.

As the kids were cleaning up after the meal, my wife told one of our younger sons to put the last straggling remnant of lemonade in the refrigerator.

Well, this morning, we discovered a shattered bottle of lemonade…in the FREEZER.

Apparently, he saw his mom put the bottles of lemonade in the freezer prior to dinner to get them cold and thought that's where he should park the last bottle even though she instructed him otherwise.

We told him this morning he needs to pay attention more carefully so hopefully he learned from this life lesson; however, he simply followed an example rather than listening to instruction.

Sometimes, we can do the same on our journey to health. We see someone doing something for their health that apparently worked for them, so we automatically do the same for us.

We can even have the 'Well, everyone else is doing it so it must be good to do' mentality.

The danger, of course, to this shallow and oversimplified approach to health is that people fail to dig a little deeper to figure out the context of that health practice.

They simply see or hear of someone else doing that and figure that's what they need to do as well.

This can lead you down the wrong road which can end up in a bigger mess than a busted bottle of lemonade and cost you more than a few dollars spent at the market.

Here's the takeaway: When it comes to starting a new health practice, take a little time to do some investigating and ask a few provocative questions before you simply do what you saw someone else doing. Everyone has a unique biological makeup with different preferences & needs.

It's up to you to make sure that what you are doing for your health is best for you.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Dr. Derek 'turning lemons into lemonade' Taylor

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