A Message From Nashville, TN
A Message From Nashville, TN
Chiropractic Torrance CA Miami Conference

Last weekend I was at a chiropractic conference in Miami, Fl and met someone who told me about one of the top Shoulder/Knee specialist in the world.

He said he was giving a seminar in Nashville, TN this weekend so I decided to check it out.

Yesterday was day one of the seminar and it was fascinating spending 8 hours on how to get best results with the Shoulder, today he is focusing on the Knee.

Anyway, after the seminar I went back to my hotel room and called my wife to check in with her.

We shared how are day went and when I told her I was going to order food to be sent to my room and read a book she said, "You're in Nashville! Get something at a restaurant and check out the scene, it will be fun."

So this ol' fuddy duddy decided to obey his wife and I'm glad I did.

If you've never been to Nashville, you have to check it out as it is pretty amazing. Tons of people walking the sidewalks, live country music playing all around the city, party buses of people cruising the streets, and tons of amazing tasty restaurants and food courts once again with singers in cowboy hats and boots, strumming a guitar.

What made this town give off such an incredible vibe was all the life and energy that was going on all around me.

Everyone was just doing their thing, having a great time, in a great city.

I thought to myself, "If everyone had this vibe and energy resonating in the cells of their body, they would experience incredible health!"

A vibrant life is filled with energy, vitality and movement.

A vibrant life is living without fear, worry and anxiety.

A vibrant life is making the most of the opportunity's before you and 'seizing the day'.

Today is a great day to live life with the same vibe that is reverberating from the streets of Nashville, TN.

Have a Great Saturday!

Dr. Derek 'honky tonk' Taylor

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