Times You Will Never Forget
Chiropractic Torrance CA Derek Taylor and Family
Chiropractic Torrance CA Times You Will Not Forget

It felt so good to break the routine yesterday morning.

Have you ever tried doing this?

Normally on a Monday morning I am all charged up to take on the week.

I will wake up, have my quiet time, exercise at the gym, then immediately start tackling work-tasks.

But yesterday morning was different… Because my brother Dallas, sister McKenna was in town, we spent the morning eating breakfast together and catching up!

You can see us in the above picture!

I also spent last Saturday in San Diego with my dad, masterminding and learning how to better serve the community.

You can see us in the above picture enjoy a boat ride after learning together all day!

It was so great spending quality time with him… We had a blast on the drives there and back as well listening to good ol' country music!

Spending quality times with your family is SO IMPORTANT and here are three reasons WHY:

  1. They huge impact on who you are, because you have grown up with them. They have seen you grow throughout the years. Invest time into building these relationships so that you can help each other as time passes by.
  2. They are often not afraid to give you truthful advice that will greatly benefit you as a person. Family that truly cares for you, wants what is best for you and will not be afraid to help steer you off dangerous paths.
  3. Family who loves you and wants what is best for you are also like-minded in your beliefs, convictions, and life-purpose. They will be a source of encouragement to you all your days. Traveling companions. Pilgrims in the journey of life.

Breaking the script, taking the time to spend with my dad and siblings recently was extremely refreshing… And that time invested into these relationships brings deep joy and fulfillment…

Because the truth is:

Life is short.

Work will always be there.

Precious time with your family will not always be there.

Take the time and spend it with your family… Strengthen these bonds of love.

You won't forget these times...

Your heart will be refreshed!

Have a GREAT DAY See you soon!

Dr. Hudson Taylor

Ps- Reminder that we are have our DINNER WORKSHOP on Tuesday, August 17th at 6:30 PM! The lecture topic will be: How To Overcome Your Knee Pain: Three Powerful Steps! Call Heather or Danni at (310) 891-0102 to book your seat! The event is almost completely full! I can't wait to see you then!