Why My Daughter Missed Me :(
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My wife, Ali, loves road trips.

About two weeks ago, she packed up the minivan with our 5 youngest kids and started heading up Interstate 95, embarking on a 3,000-mile plus road trip up the East Coast.

She wanted to take the kids on a home school 'field trip' to show them George Washington's Mount Vernon, the home of Thomas Jefferson, the Statue of Liberty, Plymouth Rock, Liberty Bell, Rocky's statue, Signer's Hall, Liberty Trail, historical landmarks and churches of The Great Awakening, The Ark Encounter, the Smokey & Blue Ridge Mts and a host of other very cool things that she has always wanted to show the kids.

On her way out of Tennessee heading to Georgia, while stopping at a creek to let the kids explore, she slipped on some mud and sprained her foot.

She called me in agony, asking what she should do. So, we got on FaceTime, and I guided my teenage son and daughter on how to fix mom's foot. As my daughter was laboring away, pounding on mom's tensed muscles, she said, "Oh, I wish you were here right now," not because she missed my presence, but because her fingers were getting sore.

She had to quit sooner than was necessary, so I told my wife she needed to take the Nucleotides she packed for the trip with the dosage of 5 caps every 5 hours for 36 hours.

The next day she felt amazingly better and was able to carefully walk on that foot. Two days later, it continued to improve.

Later this afternoon, I get to see her and the kids for the first time in two weeks. Can't wait to see them as it will be a sweet reunion.

Here's the takeaway that may be helpful to you in the future. If you are ever going on a trip, make sure to have a bottle of Nucleotides with you. They have been a lifesaver for our family in many situations.

It's not only great for decreasing inflammation after an injury, but it's also amazing at boosting your immune system if you are starting to feel sick or have cold symptoms. Take it early on when you feel funky and it can often prevent sickness from happening in the first place.

Have a Great Thursday!

Dr. Derek 'happy to have the fam back' Taylor


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