What I Discovered In The Desert…

I was just in Palm Springs this past weekend, spending time with my family visiting from Florida.

It was wonderful spending time with them and just living life with them…

Over the weekend I received an excellent treatment from Dr. Derek Taylor for some shoulder pain I was having.

I feel spectacular!

I was also able to treat Dr. Taylor after he slipped down an embankment while we were exploring out in the desert! (See above picture)

It was so great, being able to treat each other…

To spend time with my little siblings, and to catch up my mom, who was a real encouragement to me…

The environment was very WARM as well. And we spent time out in the hot sun by the pool, quite a bit.

I discovered this truth over the weekend…

A WARM environment is a HEALING environment.

  1. Receiving treatment that warms-up the tissue and promotes blood flow is very healing to the body. Take the time to get some body work done and warm up the stiff and cold joints.
  2. Warm times of catching up and bonding with family and friends, refreshes the mind and cheers up the heart. When you greet someone with a WARM greeting… They immediately feel at home. When you have a WARM conversation with someone… You lift their spirits.
  3. Spending time out in the SUN is very healing as well. Get outside when it is sunny and bright and soak in the rays for at least 20 minutes, get vitamin D. Additionally, drinking WARM water or bone broth in the morning is a great way to "turn on" the body.

These principles are very healing for the mind as well…

Which reminds me that you do not want to miss Dr. Laura's upcoming dinner talk on "How to Eliminate or Reduce Chronic Neurological Conditions Naturally with Neurofeedback Technology!"

I am so excited to learn about such fascinating subjects: Your brain and Neurofeedback Technology!"

And from our very own, Dr. Laura! On Thursday, November 11th @ 6:30 PM, here at the South End Tennis Club!

Call Heather or Danni to reserve your spot today! (310) 891-0102

I look forward to seeing you there!

Stay warm! Be well!

Have a GREAT day!!

Dr. Hudson Taylor