Good Things Come To Those Who… Bait

Yesterday, my three youngest sons and I woke up at 4:00am to go bass fishing with the #1 Rated Bass tour guide in all of Florida. We get to our 'hotspot' and the fishing conditions are perfect…no wind, calm, twilight, and the perfect breakfast for hungry largemouth bass…tasty little shiners.

With eager anticipation we let out our first cast and right from the get-go…BOOM.

Hook up with a beautiful, feisty Florida strain largemouth bass. Then another and another and another.

I have been fishing for largemouth bass since I was in 1st grade and have never had an experience where we caught so many bass in one outing. The funny thing is, the youngest person on the boat caught the most fish as the bass pro couldn't believe how many fish, he kept catching in comparison to the rest of us.

When I was a kid, whenever I was fishing with my dad and older men, if I was catching more fish than them, they would threaten to throw me in the lake.

I told that story to my 7-year-old and his eyes got big as an 8-foot gator was swimming near our boat.

I then asked our guide, "How is it possible that we are catching so many bass in one spot."

He then began to tell me the way the lake was structured, that bass are predators, and the place we were fishing was a perfect spot to ambush their prey. He shared a lot of other details that I won't share for times sake, but the bottom line is that he was the best, he understood bass, he knew that particular lake and how it all worked together.

The more you understand how your body works and how to take care of it, the more excellent health you will experience. Just as we had great success catching bass, you can have great success experiencing optimal wellness when you understand how your body works.

I have been working with a patient now for the past 6 weeks who has been struggling with pain for the past 20 years with no success. She has been getting better and continues to show improvement every week, but yesterday, her treatment required twice the amount of work as she was battling a headache.

I told her, "Whenever you have a symptom, it is there for a reason. Your body is trying to tell you something and if you can figure it out, you can solve the problem."

I then asked, "What do you think is causing your headache?"

She thought about it & quickly realized it was related to her monthly cycle since she frequently has headaches that time of the month.

Now that she figured it out, we just need to work on balancing her hormones by focusing on her diet, exercise, sleep, sunlight and a few critical supplements including bio-identical plant-based hormones. If she works on these areas, I anticipate the headaches to go away completely within 1-3 months.

You can experience the same when you understand your body has been manufactured and designed to be a self-regulating, self-healing organism. The more you understand how it works, make time for it (including body work), invest in making good food choices, movement, being in the outdoors, and supplementation, the more you will experience optimal wellness and pain-free living.

Have a Tremendous Thursday!


Dr. Derek 'The bass are calling & I must go' Taylor


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