What Caused A 7 Year Cough?
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Last week, a patient came in who had been suffering with a persistent cough that he had for over 7 years.

He lives in Malaga Cove, right on the cliffs near the ocean where there is a constant coastal layer that keeps the area moist.

He had some mold testing performed and discovered that the same mold living in his house was living in his lungs.

He had the mold remediated, but the cough still persisted.

Upon his request, I went to his house to do more remediation. Not for mold, but for EMF's.

What's the connection?

Research shows mold thrives & is 600 times more problematic in an EMF rich environment.

My son and I spent three hours remediating the entire household.

He noticed an improvement in his breathing immediately & was able to take in a deep breath without coughing.

The next morning, he woke up without feeling like there was an elephant sitting on his chest.

A week later, he told me his cough was 100% better.

After our visit, he asked for advice on what supplements to take.

I said, "Bring your supplements to the office and I'll test them for you."

I thought he was going to bring a handful of products to test, instead, he brought an entire trash bag.

I asked him, "Do you take all of these???"

He said, "Yes, I take over a hundred pills a day."

Out of the 43 plus different bottles of supplements he was taking, only two tested strong.

Trying to solve your problem with the wrong solution can be very costly.

Here's the take away from this story:

  1. Lower the Electromagnetic fields/radiation in your home. Whether you have symptoms or not, this is mission critical to stop the damage EMF's are doing to your DNA.
  2. Find out if the supplements you are taking are working or not. You can do this through lab work or muscle testing.
  3. Have an open & solution-oriented mindset when it comes to your health. Breakthroughs occur with trying new avenues to solve old problems.
  4. Never give up on resolving a health condition. Persistence can be your greatest friend when it comes to experiencing victory and being an over comer.

Have a Great Tuesday!

Dr. Derek Taylor

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