Takeaways from Yesterday’s Trench Experience.
Chiropractic Torrance CA Trench Digging

Yesterday, we ended up having a family trench digging party in the front yard. (We are putting in a drainpipe to re-direct rainwater.)

I started digging in the morning, shovel in hand and before I could catch my breath, two of my neighbors offered to help.

They lent a hand in three different ways.

First, they shared crucial advice: "watch out for hidden water lines, sprinklers, and electrical elements."

Secondly, they brought their specialized garden tools, significantly improving the efficiency of our work.

Finally, one was available to roll up his sleeves and get dirty in the trenches with me.

Later, the kids came out to help dig and the job was completed in record time.

I was reminded yesterday that there's wisdom in a multitude of counselors. I am always seeing these neighbors working in their front yards and they have years of experience that I was able to benefit from, saving me from errors.

I was also reminded of the principle that it is better to work smarter, not harder. It is the 'If the axe is dull, more strength is needed' principle. In this case, the power tools to cut through thick tree roots and narrow trench shovels made the job a lot easier and saved us a ton of time.

I am very fortunate to have such involved and caring neighbors.

So, what's the connection with my yard escapade and your health journey?

Consider these three tips when it comes to resolving a health issue:

#1) Seek Wisdom: When it comes to your health, seek out advice from the wise. Trustworthy sources can save you from unnecessary bumps in the road.

#2) Make Smart Moves: Like cutting tree roots with power tools, health tech advancements can be real game-changers. Efficiency is key. Stop wasting time.

#3) Hand pick your Health Team: Want good health? It's a team effort. Having choice health advocates by your side is like having neighbors in the trenches - ready, willing and dirtying their hands for your well-being.

Have a Fabulous Friday and looking forward to the next backyard adventure!

Dr. Derek 'power tools are my friend' Taylor