Are You Facing An Insurmountable Health Challenge?
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I trust you are having a restful Saturday. I wanted to share a personal experience that reminded me of the importance of overcoming fear when facing a health challenge.

Not too long ago, I decided to surprise my wife by changing out a malfunctioning kitchen faucet. Eager to make it a surprise, I enlisted the help of one of my sons to start the process of removing the old faucet. Now, I must say, each of my six sons possesses unique talents-when it comes to construction work, some are meticulous craftsmen, while others excel in demolition.

Regrettably, I made the mistake of assigning the task to my son with an inclination for demolition. Within three minutes, a loud 'CRACK' followed by an 'Uh Oh' filled the air, leaving me with a 'sinking' feeling. The granite top connected to the faucet had cracked in three places.

In that moment, my mind immediately raced to the worst-case scenario-I envisioned having to replace all our countertops due to the damage. However, after sending out a few texts to friends in the contracting business and a trip to Home Depot, we were able to piece the granite top back together. While it may not be perfect, it was certainly fixable.

Reflecting on this experience, I could not help but ponder why our minds tend to jump towards the worst possible outcome when faced with a difficult situation. It is a natural tendency due to our imperfect nature, and I found myself succumbing to it initially.

However, a few messages to those with more expertise quickly provided me with a solution to address an issue I initially thought was insurmountable.

Growing up, my mom was always the most positive person I knew, while my dad always called himself a 'realist.' My parents were a perfect match as they balanced each other out well.

When dealing with a health challenge, being a 'positive-realist' is important as it is crucial to gather all the facts, adopt a realistic perspective, and while acknowledging the possibility of a worst-case scenario, it is essential to strike a balance and not let catastrophic thinking consume you.

Here is what you can do to overcome dwelling on the worst if facing a health challenge:

  1. Recognize when you Drift Towards Wrong Thinking: Be mindful of when you find yourself spiraling into negative thought patterns. Acknowledge that it is a natural response, but rock-bottom thinking is counterproductive.
  2. Reframe Negative Thoughts with Truth: When negativity creeps in, remember you can choose to shift your focus from dwelling on the worst-case scenario to seeking solutions. Whether it involves taking practical steps or simply having faith that God is in control, entrusting the outcome to Him can bring a peace that passes all understanding.
  3. Respond to your situation with Gratitude: Remember that in every trying situation you face, cultivating an attitude of thankfulness will help give you perspective and allows you to view life through a different lens.

Whether you or a loved one are currently facing a health challenge, remember that overcoming catastrophic thinking is a process that takes time and practice. Be patient with yourself and others as you move towards more productive thinking patterns that will help you on your journey towards optimal health.

Have a Great Weekend!
- Dr. Derek 'no more sinking feelings' Taylor