Sleeping With The Enemy

Almost two months ago, a patient asked if my son and I would come over and remediate her house.

After having difficulty sleeping, she was suspicious her problem was coming from EMF's.

When we arrived at her house, we discovered that power lines were connected to the roof pole right above her bedroom. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, her suspicions were correct.

recent study in the Journal of Public Science demonstrated that daily occupational EMF exposure affects the quality of your sleep.

Do you think sleeping underneath EMF exposure from electrical lines all night will affect both the quality and quantity of your sleep? Of course, it will!

Although sleep experts recommend adults from age 18-65 get a consistent 7-9 hours of sleep/night, the average American only sleeps 5 ½ hours/night.

What happens when you don't sleep well?

Besides being more irritable, exhausted, and moody…lack of sleep can affect…

…hormone levels including melatonin which protects you against cancer

…weight gain as fat burning hormones turn off and fat making hormones turn on

…increase your risk for heart disease

…contribute to diabetes and insulin resistance

…cause premature aging as it affects growth hormone released by your pituitary gland

And the list goes on and on.

Recently, she asked me to come back because she got a Pelaton bike and wanted it remediated.

While I was there, she told me what has happened since we remediated her house.

She wanted to fix the EMF's in her home in hopes that her sleep would improve, but the other benefits she received were even more incredible. Click the video above to hear what happened after the remediation.

Have a Terrific Thursday!

Dr. Derek 'Sleep is good' Taylor, DC

PS - Stay tuned for an upcoming 'Sleep Webinar' soon. I am interested to hear what questions you have so I can answer regarding Sleeping Better for yourself or a loved one.

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