“I Can’t Believe What I Just Saw!”

I got up early this morning, had my quiet time/workout and afterward checked my e-mail before starting the day.

Normally, I'm done in a minute or two then I move on to bigger and better things.

However, this morning, there was an e-mail that caught my eye and I ended up spending over an hour watching it and afterward said to myself, "I can't believe what I just saw!"

It was an e-mail from the #1 Natural Website in the world.

I don't always agree with everything on this website, however, even if I don't agree, at least if gets me thinking outside of my preconceived mindset.

I use a number of different resources to help me get a better understanding of health and thinking outside the box, but what I like about this website is that there is no political slant or narrative, they just get out the facts and help you decide how to take charge of your health.

Today's e-mail was about a Frontlines Epicenter Nurse working in a New York City Hospital who shared why the COVID19 death rate was so high, especially with younger patients and patients of color.

I was literally crying at parts of this video because when you enter the healthcare profession to serve others and you see the opposite happening, it's very disturbing.

I don't like sharing videos that are disturbing to watch, but I felt compelled to share the story from this nurse's perspective.

I've always had a great respect for the nursing profession and now it is ever greater after watching Erin Olszewski, who in my opinion is the real Frontline Hero.

Even if this topic is not of interest to you (I don't know how this is possible since COVID19 has affected all of our lives so greatly), at least you can benefit from this website as it has been a tremendous resource to myself and many other truth seekers when it comes to natural health.

Click Here to view the website and article link I was referring to in my e-mail today.

Have a Great Saturday!

Dr. Derek 'Nurses Rock' Taylor