Pickleball Anyone???
Chiropractor Torrance CA Derek Taylor Pickle Ball

About six months ago, my family & I started playing Pickleball and I must say we love it.

We first heard about it where I worked in the South End Tennis club where I practiced for 25 years but what really piqued my interest was the enthusiasm about it, I saw from my wife's parents- Dennis & Judy Bales who play six days a week, sometimes six hours a day while being in their mid-70's all in stride.

This weekend, our office is the sole chiropractic sponsor for the 2022 World Pickleball Open in Palm Beach Gardens, where the best pickleball players in the world are competing for the grand prize of $25,000.

The level of play that I have been observing is impressive, but what is even more remarkable are the participants I am watching who are in their 60's, 70's and even 80's playing with great agility, flexibility, and endurance.

We all know that we need to exercise more, but how well are we doing in getting it done???

The beauty of Pickleball (AKA - PB) is that you are exercising without feeling like you are exercising.

Here's the top 7 benefits of playing pickleball I have observed in my own life and in the lives of others:

  1. Increased cardiovascular endurance which prevents heart disease.
  2. Increased agility and mobility which helps with balance and stability.
  3. Enhanced brain function by increasing blood to brain thus preventing cognitive decline.
  4. Increased mood elevation which may help some to fight off depression.
  5. Increased energy levels leave you feeling energized even after you play.
  6. Increased social wellbeing keeps you connected with those you are playing with.
  7. Increased desire to improve giving you something to do where you want to get better at it.

There is a reason why it is the fastest growing sport in America and continues to expand in popularity.

Anyway, I am late getting to my booth, so I got to run.

Stop by and say 'Hi' or better yet, pick up a set of pickleball racquets for cheap and start playing at a park near you.

Warning. You might really enjoy it and better yet, start experiencing the healthy benefits of your new favorite past time.

Dr. Derek 'PB' Taylor

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