A Most Unusual Shopping Experience
Chiropractor Torrance CA Derek Taylor A Most Unusual Shopping Experience

Last Saturday night my wife gathered the family in the living room telling us she had an important announcement to make. She had a big white bag in front of her as she commenced her speech telling us she wanted to start a new family tradition…

Are you ready for this? Shopping for our Christmas tree while wearing cozy festive Christmas pajamas.

It was kind of silent when everyone first heard the news. Not exactly the response my wife was expecting to receive.

I think everyone was excited to receive the cushy, colorful, cheery, Christmassy, bedwear. It was just the part where they had to wear them outside in public that the kids were not thrilled about. (I was thrilled because I shared matching PJ tops with my 4 yr old baby girl!)

You could see in their eyes what was going on in their heads. What if they ran into one of their friends? What would others think of us? What if we collectively died of embarrassment?

However, once they caught the vision of sporting comfy jammies outside the house to enhance the memory, making the tree-hunting venture all the more celebratory, they slowly changed their tune and actually found the experience really fun.

Chiropractor Torrance CA Derek Taylor With His Wife
Chiropractor Torrance CA Derek Taylor With Family Christmas Tree Shopping

Sometimes, we can do the same in our journey towards living a pain-free, healthy lifestyle.

We are afraid to try something new for the sake of our health because we don't consider it the norm. We believe everything that mainstream media tells us is normal and good without considering opting for a different approach that may be a better course of action.

If you have never considered Chiropractic as a natural alternative for maintaining optimal health, your body is missing out on functioning and feeling at its best. Oh, and by the way, functioning and feeling good is just half of the story.

Every day I look at x-rays of spinal and extremity joints with excessive wear and tear because of old injuries that were never balanced & treated with chiropractic care.

Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of good health of a healthy and balanced spine.

- Dr. Derek 'PJ's can be worn outside' Taylor


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