The Number One Cause of Health Problems.
Chiropractic Torrance CA Number One Health Problem

Over the weekend, our family walked over to the nearby park to attend our communities Fall Festival. It was a lively scene filled with music, food, and game booths. The kids had a blast playing carnival like games throughout the night.

Mom and dad were ready to head home when they announced the grand finale of the whole event which was the Polynesian Fire Knife Thrower show.

The last time we saw anything remotely like this was in Hawaii at a Luau, so we decided to stick around.

I do not really know how to explain what happened next other than basically some very experienced guys lit both ends of a long knife on fire, twirled it around, threw it in the air and did a bunch of tricks that you spend your whole life telling your kids NOT to do with fire.

I just remember the thought I had when I left the show was… "How was that even possible?"

It then got me thinking about the mindset that some patients come in with to our office.

When it comes to their ability to overcome a challenging health problem, sometimes for decades, they will ask, "Is that even possible?"

People come in with limiting beliefs about their bodies ability to prevail over a painful condition or disease.

Here is the truth: Your body has been designed by God with an incredible capacity to heal itself.

Over the past century, we have made wonderful advancements in modern medicine with the focus on treating symptoms, usually with medications and surgery. This approach is astounding when you need antibiotics for a life-threatening infection or need to set a broken bone but in other situations, it completely fails.

We have forgotten that since the beginning of time a healthy body has been able to overcome pain, fight off infection, heal wounds, destroy cancer cells, and repair tissue that has been damaged.

So, what can you do to assist your body to become healthier and function at an optimal level?

The answer to that question is simple...Reduce the stressors that are placing it in a weakened state.

Stress is the number one cause of health problems.

It has been estimated that 75 - 90 percent of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress related problems

I see four types of stress that are affecting my patients daily.

#1 - Mental Stress

#2 - Physical Stress

#3 - Chemical Stress

#4 - EMF Stress

Reduce these stressors and your body now has a better chance to be victorious in the battle.

Here are a few practical tips to reduce stress today.

#1 - Get high-quality sleep. Repair and regeneration occur mainly while you are sleeping.

#2 - Eat a healthy nutrient-rich diet. The food you eat will either build up or tear down.

#3 - Exercise - even a simple walk stimulates blood flow, brings oxygen, and carries away toxins.

Start moving in the direction to better health today to avoid getting into 'hot water' tomorrow.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Dr. Derek 'don't play with fire' Taylor

PS - In an effort to support six families that were affected by Hurricane Ian in Naples, FL, Taylor Chiropractic & Laser Center will be donating $50 for every new patient that comes to our office from now until November 30, 2022. These families have lost their homes, businesses and just about all personal possessions from the effects of Hurricane Ian. Thank you for your support.