How The Ocean Solved This Problem
How The Ocean Solved This Problem in Torrance CA

Early this morning I took three of my youngest kids fishing on the surf in Redondo Beach.

I've been following the solar lunar tides online and this morning between 5-7am the fishing was supposed to be really good.

Unfortunately, what the internet said the fish were going to do and what they actually did were not the same.

We ended up getting skunked.

The best part about fishing on the beach is if you don't catch anything, you can always switch sporting activities and go body surfing instead.

While I was down there, I ran into one of my patients who was putting on a wetsuit.

I asked him if he was going surfing and he said, "Nah, I'm going swimming. Normally I go to the health club but you have to make reservations now for a lane so I decided to come here where I can swim anytime I want."

Instead of getting stressed about the restrictions of swimming in the pool, he created another opportunity that was actually a better alternative.

Swimming in Natural sea salt from the ocean is GREAT for your health & plays a key role in:

  • allowing fluids to pass in and out of your cells
  • helping carry nutrients to your cells
  • helping nerve cells in your brain & body to transfer information
  • helping various metabolic reactions in your body
  • regulating blood pressure

I personally go swimming in the ocean as often as I can and recently it's been 3-5 x week.

What's the take-away from this story?

When something doesn't go your way, focus on an alternative solution instead of the problem and give yourself a treat by jumping in the ocean today:)

Have a GREAT Thursday!

Dr. Derek "Get your Vitamin Sea' Taylor

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