Will you seize the day?

Chiropractic Torrance CA Rays of SunshineThis morning I was reading to my 7- & 10-year-old sons on the couch when my wife abruptly called to us from the kitchen, "Hey, you guys, hurry and come over here and see the beautiful rays of light coming through the trees in the backyard!"

So, we hurried over to the kitchen window and saw radiant beams of sunlight streaming down through the greenery (see picture above).

Afterwards, we sat back down again to resume our reading (interestingly we were reading Genesis 1:2 at that exact moment, 'Then God said, "Let there be light") and my wife ran out of the room to get her phone to take another picture, but by the time she got back, the rays were gone.

I could not help but think of the importance of seizing the moment when you have the chance because you may not have that opportunity again.

As I reflect upon the year 2021, there were so many changes and challenges that stretched me and my family beyond anything we have experienced before, and the time flew by us faster than a speeding bullet.

I do not know what is in store for 2022, but I do know it will go by rapidly, so I want to be even more intentional in seizing the moments and redeeming the time wisely.

One of the areas that many of us think about at this time of year is our health.

If you have been neglecting your health recently because of the holidays, now is the perfect time to seize those free moments of time to go for a walk, eat a healthy salad, drink more water, spend some time planning and reflecting, and any practice or activity that lowers your stress levels.

My son, Dr. Hudson, is out visiting from California so I am going to make sure to get a tune up from him today.

So, as you make out your task list each day this year, make sure to do something that your body or mind will thank you for later.

Remember your health affects everything you do and everyone you know.

Best wishes to year over the next 365 days and may 2022 be a magnificent, meaningful, and memorable year for you and your loved ones!

- Dr. Derek Taylor

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