Weekend Hunter Method Trip

A few months ago, a new patient came to the office who had been dealing with neck pain that had been very challenging for practitioners to treat. She had seen several health professionals that did not help.

She did, however, mention that there was only one person who was able to bring her relief.

When I asked who it was, she mentioned that it was a muscle therapist by the name of Stephanie Hunter who had developed her own technique called the Hunter Method.

After the patient left, I called Stephanie to find out what she did that was different and was intrigued to find out she used a completely different approach to relieving pain.

She then mentioned that she was having a seminar to teach other therapists this technique so this past weekend, my daughter, McKenna, and I flew out to TN to learn this valuable method.

We learned a lot of great instruction from Stephanie that will help us get more of our patients out of pain and back in the game sooner than expected.

It is a powerful approach to pain relief that I look forward to applying for the rest of my career.

Besides the benefits of learning a new skill that is extremely helpful and effective for pain relief, it was a blast to spend so much quality time with my 16-year-old daughter.

After the first day of the seminar, we went for a walk in the neighborhood and landed in a neighborhood cemetery at the top of the hill, which is not something you see all the time here in Florida.

Later that night, we stopped by McCoy Farm & Gardens where they were giving away free trees and had a little harvest festival with a bonfire and country western band.

McKenna said it was like a picturesque scene straight out of a Hallmark movie.

We then had a dinner followed by taking a stroll over a walking bridge across the Tennessee River in downtown Chattanooga.

After being indoors in a seminar all day long, there was something about getting outside and moving that helped to take out the stress of sitting all day.

Here are three good reasons why you should take the time to get outdoors and move on a regular basis:

  • Stress Reduction: Getting outside and moving releases the tension in tight muscles which helps your body function better overall.
  • Better Breathing: A 2016 study in Environ Health Perspect showed an increase in longevity by 34% to those who lived in neighborhoods with more greenery.
  • Reduced Sickness: Those who are often outside have less exposure to microbes and contaminants from indoor sources that can make us sick and symptomatic.

When you combine the benefit of loosening up tight muscles and getting some movement accomplished outdoors, it can help to recharge and reset your body so you can function at a more productive level.

Try to make this happen sometime soon for your benefit and the benefit of others.

Have a Terrific Thursday!
- Dr. Derek 'Keep Moving' Taylor