Tiger Woods & Flag Football

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Over the past two months I have had the privilege and joy of watching my three sons play flag football in the city of Palm Beach Gardens.

It has been a delightful season, as the park is literally a block from our house.

The boys ride their bikes or scooters to practice and games, and sometimes we pack a fishing pole or two to catch bass and bluegill in the nearby lake on the way home.

It is playoff week, so we have been at the fields quite a bit this week.

Before my son, Dallas', football game this week, I was working on him at the field prior to the game. As I was working on him, Dallas said to me, "Hey dad, Tiger Woods is watching you work on me. Maybe he'll want you to work on him, too."

Tiger Woods' two kids play in the same flag football league as my boys, and we see him at the fields all the time.

He walks with crutches due to the surgery he had a few months back to repair the multiple fractures in his leg after his car accident in February of this year.

What is so interesting to me is that his car accident occured about a block away from our old house in CA, and now we see him recovering about a block away from our new house in FL.

The irony about this is that I was working on the same leg that my son Dallas had surgery on after being hit by a car in 2018, and it was repaired at the same hospital (Harbor UCLA) that Tiger Woods had his leg surgery after his car accident in 2021.

What is NOT ironic is that whenever you sustain a major traumatic injury, such as multiple fractures in the leg, you are going to create MAJOR ADHESIVE SCAR TISSUE at the site of injury.

Adhesive Scar Tissue robs your body from functioning at normal capacity.

Adhesive Scar Tissue shortens the muscle, limiting your range of motion.

Adhesive Scar Tissue can embed in nerve tissue and cause you to have chronic pain.

Most people I talk to who are in pain because of some type of injury have no idea that if they do not get rid of their scar tissue, they will not get rid of their problem.

So what is the best thing you can do for yourself after sustaining a traumatic injury?

Find a practitioner who knows how to accurately find & properly release the adhesive scar tissue in your body, so it does not wreak havoc on your health.

Failure to do this can lead to chronic pain and dysfunction that never fully ever goes away.

The good news is that even if you are a chronic sufferer of pain that is being caused by scar tissue from an old injury that was never properly addressed, you can reverse those problems.

It may take some time to unpeel the layers of scar tissue that has formed over the years, but once you do this, you will feel like you have a new lease on life and chronic pain will be like an old memory from the past.

Have a GREAT Saturday!

Dr. Derek 'Flag football, golf, & fixing scar tissue should be started early' Taylor



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