My Early Morning Experience
Chiropractor Torrance CA My Early Morning Experience With Son Caden

This morning, my son Caden and I decided to do a little Pompano fishing at Juno Beach. After the hard rains yesterday, it was a beautiful site to see the sun rise above the South Atlantic Ocean.

We have been eager to get out and do some fishing together ever since we were at the beach a month or so ago and witnessed several anglers catching Pompano on the surf.

I have never eaten Pompano before, but I hear they are delicious and the price tag my wife and I saw at Whole Foods the other day testified to their desirability…$15.99 a pound.

After fishing for a while, the bell on my pole started ringing off the hook. I could tell by the fight that it was not a Pompano and sure enough, when I brought it to shore, it looked like a combination between a sucker fish and an anchovy.

Caden had a massive strike but ended up missing it. Of course, the one that got away was projected to be a 2 lb. Pompano, but by later tonight that fish will easily double in size, becoming a five-pounder.

The seaweed started to roll in about an hour later, so we decided to hang it up. I realized at that point, that although I did not land the prized Pompano I was hoping for, I had a greater appreciation for what I did catch.

It made me think of what I read earlier before fishing that I have been pondering…

"A sated man loathes honey, but to a famished man any bitter thing is sweet." Proverbs 27:7

Although this verse is about guarding against overindulgence and an appeal for moderation, it is a reminder that when it comes to one's health, we can often take it for granted and not appreciate what we have today.

It is easy to focus on what we do not have as opposed to being thankful for what we have been given today.

Focusing on what we do not have inevitably leads to a complaining spirit, an anxious heart, discontentment, and self-pity.

Being grateful for what we have been given helps us to be content, and appreciative, and enables us to focus on others which contributes to fulfillment and joy.

What mindset will you choose to carry with you today?

Have a Terrific Thursday!

- Dr. Derek 'reel thankful' Taylor