Have You Ever Been To A Buc-ee’s?
Chiropractic Torrance CA Children In Buc-ee's
Chiropractic Torrance CA Buc-ee's Store

Last night, my son and I were invited over to a friend's house for a homemade, spaghetti and meatball, GF Italian dinner. BTW...It was unbelievably delicious!

As we were conversing around the table, we got on the subject of our recent family trip to Tennessee.

I told them I discovered a new favorite pit stop while traveling and was not sure if they had ever heard of it, so I asked, "Have you ever been to Buc-ee's?"

When I mentioned the word "Buc-ee's" you should have heard the sounds of delightful glee and elation.

They don't have Buc-ee's in California, so I had never heard of it before.

This isn't the case with folks here in Florida, however!

Just in case you have been living on another planet like me and never heard of Buc-ee's, here is the low-down on this one-of-a-kind famous travel station and superstore.

Buc-ees originated in Texas and has grown to over 54 different locations in 6 different states. It's open 24/7 and they hold the world record for the largest convenient store in the world.

What makes it so unique? Well, for starters, they have…

  • every tasty snack you can imagine under the sun
  • a whole wall of the best beef jerky on the planet
  • huge soda fountains
  • a loaded coffee station
  • unique gifts galore (you can knock out your entire Christmas shopping list here)
  • cleanest restrooms you will ever see on the road
  • fresh hot food where you can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Oh, and did I mention they also sell gas with the best prices in town and over 100 pumps to serve you?

My favorite part of the whole experience was watching the cooks work in a massive BBQ station called the 'Texas Round-up' located in the middle of the store.

They all wear cowboy hats and the lady over the center chopping block shouts out when fresh brisket is thrown down and the rest of the workers shout back what they hear loud and clear.

The place is amazing and unlike anything, I have ever experienced in a convenience store.

I concluded that the 'Texas Round-up' BBQ station is a great representation of what the store is all about. Teamwork, high quality, and consistent communication between the workers and customers.

It reminded me of how our bodies are designed to work and function. The nervous system is the central hub that communicates with the other parts of the body telling it what to do. When all systems are communicating properly and working together, the body functions well.

Stressors such as trauma, injuries, inflammatory foods, and toxins can cause interference in the nervous system, which affects communication with the other systems in the body and causes dysfunction.

The more you can reduce the effects of these stressors in your life by improving the quality of foods you eat, getting regular exercise, getting regular chiropractic tune-ups, and having the right mindset, the greater chances you have of your body functioning at its best.

Kind of like the way Buc-ee's functions as an iconic superstore.

Have a Great rest of your weekend!
- Dr. Derek 'Buc-ee's or Bust' Taylor