Lessons From A Failed Stucco Job
Chiropractic Torrance CA Stucco Reface

Last week, we had a guy come to the house to put new stucco on the wall before we finished the paint job.

After the stucco was placed, he said to give it two days to dry before we painted.

Well, after two days we started to paint but noticed the stucco easily chipped and was cracking.

When I went to test the integrity of the stucco by scraping underneath the crack, it started coming down in sheets. The wall peeled like dead skin coming off an old sunburn.

I investigated the problem a little deeper and discovered that the wall was not properly prepped.

I have learned the hard way when it comes to a home project like painting the house or putting stucco on the wall…successful results depends on the PREP work.

The same is true with your health.

If you want successful results with your health whether it is getting out of pain, overcoming a challenging health condition, or taking your health to the next level, you MUST do the prep work.

One problem I see at the office is that most people THINK they have done the proper prep work when they have not and when the results are poor, they do not understand what happened.

This was the case with my house. I thought I had done the proper prep work, but I did not.

With all the other walls that were prepped and had new stucco, they were pressure washed, scraped, and cleaned thoroughly right before the stucco was put on.

Not the case with this recent job.

We prepped too early, we did not thoroughly pressure wash it due to electrical components on the wall and the afternoon sun beats on that side of the house, so the paint is a little slicker for some reason.

When I realized my mistake, the kids and I attacked the wall more vigilantly and the next time we put stucco on it, the results will be beautiful like the other walls that were properly prepped.

Here are 5 diagnostic questions you can ask yourself if you are 'prepping' yourself for good health:

  1. Am I doing some type of physical activity or daily exercise for at least 20 minutes?
  2. Am I having more helpings of organic vegetables and less helpings of processed foods?
  3. Am I drinking enough water to stay hydrated throughout the day & decreasing caffeine?
  4. Am I carving out daily time to meditate, pray, & process what is going on in in my mind?
  5. Am I connecting with loved ones and are life's most important relationships going strong?

The next time you are frustrated with the results you are trying to achieve with an area of your health ask yourself, 'Have I done the proper prep work to achieve the results I am trying to accomplish?'

Have a GREAT Thursday!

Dr. Derek '2nd time's a charm' Taylor