Everything Changed One Day In March
Chiropractic Care for Brain Fog in Torrance CA

Yesterday, a young woman came to my office referred by a long-term patient.

She had been suffering with daily dizziness, brain fog, and burning headaches since March of this year.

She tried everything to get rid of them with no success, reached the end of her rope, and was weary from all the suffering she has gone through over the past 6 months.

When noting her health history, she mentioned the key clue that was the main cause of her primary problem.

In March, something happened in her backyard that changed the course of her health.

An employee from energy and power told them he would be working on the power lines connecting to her house.

When he was done configuring the lines, her problems started shortly after.

After doing further testing and ruling out physical, chemical, and emotional stressors as the primary issue, I told her I was suspicious she was EMH (Electromagnetic Hypersensitive).

I told her she needed to have her house checked for EMF's and most likely remediated.

She agreed and when we arrived at her home, it was clear as day why she was having so many health problems.

The power line connection from the telephone pole was attached directly to her Master bedroom.

Walking in the house, you could immediately feel the EMF stress in the air.

Her bedroom was the most problematic area of the home.

Once we remediated the power lines attached to the bedroom, we went through each room in the house and addressed the EMF sources, such as the Wi-Fi router, printer, peloton bike, AC units, TV's, appliances, and smart devices.

When the house was completely remediated, there was a notable energy shift.

The EMF stress that was permeating the air was gone.

My patient exclaimed, "The house feels different! I can feel it."

She then asked me nervously, "Do you think I'm going to wake up with a headache tomorrow?"

I said, "We'll see."

I sent her a text this morning to see how things we were going, and she replied:

"I did not wake up with a headache! I was so excited I almost woke up at 5 and started to clean."

She also mentioned that this was the first night her four-year-old son slept through the night and her husband felt different in a good way too. Her father-in-law also said he slept well.

There are some people I know who do not even acknowledge the fact that EMF's are a problem.

Some scientists say that EMF's do not cause health problems.

EMF's by themselves do not cause problems. It is the subatomic chaos that is created when EMF's hit a solid object such as a wall, the floor, or your body, that causes the damage.

EMF's are real and the problem is not going away.

The major source of EMF stress in your home is most likely coming from your smart meter/circuit breaker box, which is near the roof pole that attaches to the power lines.

Understand that this area of your home is going to be highly volatile for EMF's.

If you do not plan on remediating that area of your home, try keeping away from that part of the house and notice how you feel.

Have a GREAT Thursday!

Dr. Derek 'EMF detector' Taylor