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Understanding ADHD And Neurofeedback

Understanding ADHD and Neurofeedback ADD/ADHD is not a psychological or disciplinary problem – it’s a brain problem. Watch how to improve ADD with neurofeedback. Contact our Torrance chiropractor today for more help.

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Neurofeedback Helps Cellist Improve

Neurofeedback Helps Cellist Improve “Practice makes perfect,” the saying goes. Optimal performance, however, can require more than talent, effort, and repetition. Training the brain to reduce stress through neurofeedback can remove barriers and enhance one’s innate abilities. An article in the journal Biofeedback presents the narrative of a young cellist who was able to realize…

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Neurofeedback Help For Depression

Neurofeedback Help For Depression Compelling research evidence exists that there is often a neurophysiological basis for depression, particularly in people with a family history of depression. Neuroscientists have discovered a particular brainwave pattern that allows us to identify individuals with a biological predisposition for developing depression. This biological marker appears to be very robust (Davidson,…

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Neurofeedback To Improve Athletic Performance

Neurofeedback To Improve Athletic Performance During the last decade the use of Neurofeedback techniques to achieve a better athletic performance has been a booming subject. More and more athletes use mental training each day as a means of achieving the ultimate competitive edge. One of the most well-known examples is the Italian football team that…