A Story Of Two Patients

Headaches Subsided With Chiropractic Care in Torrance CA

Two years ago, today, my 15-year-old son came home from the hospital after being hit by a van.

He went from the emergency room to the surgical center to the recovery room and three days later he was released.

The surgery was a success in connecting the broken bones in his leg but the road to full recovery was long and painful.

Along with the wonderful medical care he received at the hospital, he also started with chiropractic, emotional work and scar tissue care the day of the accident which continued until the affects of the accident were completely resolved.

Ironically, a new patient came in yesterday who was also in a car accident two years ago. She was T-boned from the side and her truck was totaled.

She went to her MD who put her on muscle relaxants and painkillers for three weeks.

When she told her doctor that she was not getting any better, she referred her to a chiropractor.

After receiving months of care with her chiropractor she was no better and went from doctor to doctor with no relief.

Almost two years have passed and five doctors later she told me,

"I'm in chronic pain every day. They had to switch me to a different department at work because I could not do my regular job. I'm always dizzy and can't go out in the sun for more than 5 minutes anymore because it gives me a headache."

When I asked her if she still on medications she said,

"I take 500mg of Tylenol five times a day to function. I took myself off the antidepressants they gave me as it was changing my personality."

After doing an examination, I told her what was causing her pain and what we needed to do to resolve it. She was hesitant because the slightest touch caused her to wince in pain.

She responded well to treatment, so I told her, "Let's shoot for you getting pain-free by Christmas."

She replied, "How about by November 13th, which is my birthday?"

Here is the take-away from these two stories.

Whenever you experience any type of trauma…fall, car accident, sports injury, etc., the sooner you can get your body in alignment, address the emotional trauma so it doesn't get 'trapped' in the body, and properly address the adhesive scar tissue caused by the accident, the faster and more complete your recovery will be.

Also, the healthier you are and the better shape you are going into an accident, the better chances you have for a faster recovery. Therefore, it is important to eat right, exercise, lift weights and stay tuned up with regular chiropractic care.

I texted my patient from yesterday to see how she was doing today, and she said, "So far no pain…"

She also went for a walk this morning and has not taken any Tylenol since yesterday afternoon.

Your body does not need higher doses of Tylenol, sometimes it just needs a little TLC to get over the problem as it has been given the amazing ability to heal itself.

Have a GREAT Thursday!

Dr. Derek Taylor

PS- Dr. T-Oren will be back in town on Tuesday September 22, 2020 from 9am-12pm for his natural skin clinic. More details to follow. Call our office today at 310-891-0102 to reserve your spot.