Neuro Emotional Work

Neuro Emotional Work is a combination of accessing the Neurological (Nervous) System while addressing the Emotional component of health at the same time. Emotional Stress has a negative impact on the Neurological System, creating a harmful physiological response in the body.

Neuro Emotional Work can Help

Negative Thoughts and Emotions have a DIRECT effect on the body by activating the sympathetic nervous system to cause vasoconstriction of blood vessels, changes in neuronal chemistry, as well as a neurological, vascular, and muscular imbalance. The greater the negative thought or emotion, the greater intensity of the Neurological response that affects the body in a harmful way.

There is a direct effect of the negative stimulus to the negative effect on the body such as increased tension in the muscles, increased heart rate, inhibited gastrointestinal function, and decreased physiological function. Negative, unproductive emotions keep you in a state of chronic dis-ease. These 'stuck' emotions wreak havoc on your physical, mental, and emotional health. They affect your relationships, your ability to perform, and your attitude towards life. It is impossible to enjoy optimal health when stress hormones are being produced from neuro-emotional stress.

Activation of these hormones keeps you in fight or flight mode. If healing is to take place, these hormones must be inactivated by placing the body in a parasympathetic state which occurs when negative thoughts and emotions are identified and processed, so they are no longer 'stuck' in the body.


Whenever you experience trauma (either physical, chemical, or emotional) the damaging effects continue to affect the body long after the incident occurs. When there is a combination of the traumas (i.e. physical and emotional trauma happening at the same time) the effect of the trauma becomes more complicated and gets 'stuck' further into the body.

Neuro Emotional Work involves muscle response testing to help determine the primary emotional stressor, as well as the primary emotion involved with that stressor. It is a means of helping you to identify the emotions that are 'stuck' in the body and then process the emotion, so it is not having a negative effect on the body. Once the emotion is 'unstuck,' healing can occur at a faster rate. The method helps you to clear unpleasant emotions and traumas.

It does not matter how big or small the trauma appears to be since the negative imprint of this trauma can lodge in your cells either at the site of trauma or in a different location throughout the body. When this subconscious cellular memory is triggered, you get caught in a physiological neuro-emotional feedback loop that can contribute to pain and dysfunction.

Oftentimes, neuro-emotional work is the key to unlock years of repressed and buried emotional trauma that has never been processed. Once the neuro-emotional component is identified, processed, and addressed, an immediate physiological release of tension, stress, and discomfort is often experienced.

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